William B. DuBay
William DuBay was a career creative who has spent a lifetime bringing characters to life in comics and animation. After a dozen years editing and creating for Warren Publishing, he joined Stan Lee in building Rainbow Studios which was later renamed to Marvel Animation. While hiring and supervising all creative, DuBay helped muscle Marvel into the largest television production studio in the world.
The Rook
The Rook Comic is the ultimate time travel trek and the sequel to virtually every great adventure trapped in time. The Rook’s adventures through time leave lasting impressions on the reader’s minds as they wonder the philosophical question “what if” I could change this or foresee that. In 1982, just prior to Warren Publication's ceasing operation, The Rook had the highest paid circulation of all Warren publications with a publisher's best 75k plus paid circulation; more than Vampirella, Eerie, Creepy and even Famous Monsters of Filmland. Enjoy our collection of great stories of nostalgic tales in these free comics.
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Created by W B DuBay and Budd Lewis and designed by Jim Stenstrum.

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