Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy created the cover art for Harris Comics’ Rook #1 and Rook #2. Register to Win a very Limited Edition Signed Collection with Certificate of Authenticity
Created by W B DuBay and Budd Lewis and designed by Jim Stenstrum.

The Rook is a Trademark of William B DuBay, LLC. © 2014 William B DuBay, LLC. All rights reserved.
Kirk Van Wormer is an Emmy award-winning Storyboard Artist, Animation Director, Designer and Illustrator for Harris Comics’ Rook character. An artistic rework of the Rook was co-featured in a miniseries alongside Dynamite Entertainment’s Vampirella in the Chains of Chaos, introduced in 1994 by Harris Comics. The Rook stories were written by Thomas E Sniegoski who’s teen fantasy series Fallen was adapted into a monstrously successful ABC Family Movie and four part limited series. The interior illustrations were by Kirk Van Wormer with cover art by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. 

Register to Win a very Signed Harris Comics The Rook #1 by Kurt Van Wormer and colorist Joe Weems complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

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